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Who We Are

Where digital innovation meets democratic values

Welcome to e-Kgotla, a pioneering company based in Botswana dedicated to advancing digital democracy and promoting good governance. Established in September 2019 by a team of professionals with diverse expertise ranging from Technology and Politics to Legislative Information and Communication Systems, e-Kgotla aims to revolutionize policy- making by facilitating citizen participation through innovative online solutions.

Our founder, recognized as one of the Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics, has been at the forefront of driving democracy online. With a team internationally renowned for its contributions to digital governance, e-Kgotla brings extensive experience in managing and participating in various digital participation initiatives worldwide. From major collaborative frameworks to local projects, our team is committed to advancing the field through research, advocacy, and practical solutions.

What We Believe

Transforming Governance, Empowering Communities: e-Kgotla Leading the Change

At e-Kgotla, we believe in the power of technology to empower citizens and enhance governance. We envision a future where every individual has a voice in shaping policies that impact their lives.

Our mission is to promote a participatory, transparent, and efficient form of governance by leveraging digital platforms to bridge the gap between the public and decision-makers.

What We Do

Unlocking Citizen Potential through Digital Governance

e-Kgotla specializes in developing online applications and methods to facilitate citizen engagement in policy-making processes.

Our projects are designed to empower citizens to interact with government officials and elected representatives, share their opinions, and contribute to decision-making. By promoting e-democracy, we strive to create a more inclusive and responsive governance system..


Services Provided by e-Kgotla.

Digital democracy starts here: e-Kgotla, where citizens and policies intersect. At the forefront of change, e-Kgotla is committed to fostering inclusive dialogue, promoting transparency, and enhancing citizen participation in decision-making processes. We provide avenues for citizens to engage, share their voices, and contribute to the shaping of policies and initiatives.

-eInclusion Initiative

Engage in moderated discussion forums where citizens can debate various topics in a civil and respectful manner.

– eSurveys
Participate in surveys to share your opinions on different issues, enabling officials to gather valuable data on public sentiment.

– Transparency Promotion
Access information on government policies, budgets, and other matters, promoting transparency and accountability.

– Mobile-Friendly Platforms
Access our platforms conveniently from your mobile devices, ensuring easy participation on the go.

Join us in our mission to build a more democratic and accountable society. Stay updated on our latest projects at Botswana Speaks

– Increased Participation: Empower citizens to participate in decision-making
processes, giving them a voice in governance.
– Transparency: Access information on government policies and decisions, promoting
transparency and accountability.
– Improved Efficiency: Engage with citizens more efficiently, reducing time and costs
associated with traditional methods.
– Better Decision-Making: Gain access to a broad range of opinions and data, enabling
better-informed decision-making.

– Reduced Corruption: Foster a transparent and participatory governance model,
reducing the risk of corruption.
– Enhanced Communication: Facilitate better communication between elected
representatives and citizens.
– Addressing the Digital Divide: Bridge the gap between rural and urban communities,
ensuring equal access to opportunities.
– Harnessing ICT Opportunities: Take advantage of Botswana's high mobile
penetration rate to leverage ICTs for development.
– Promoting ICT Uptake: Encourage the use of ICTs across Botswana, driving
innovation and progress.

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